European Health Card

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Safety and Discipline

Your child’s safety is of utmost importance. Each child has the most comprehensive insurance available in line with E.U. standards, this document will be issued upon receipt of full payment. Insurance cover to include cover for the playing of sport  is included in the product.

The following are a list of rules that must be observed in order to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment for all. They can if repeatedly broken result in expulsion. As this is a learning and sports based outdoor activity course it important that participants are aware of the rules and motivated towards maximum participation in the activities. We would ask all parents to note any objections to the following core rules.



  • Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited at all times and is punishable with immediate expulsion, the cost of which will be charged to the parents/guardian.
  • Participants are not allowed leave the centre without an instructors permission under any circumstances
  • All activities are to be attended punctually.