Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far is the school from the airport? Our base is 20 minutes form dax train station where the tgv line form paris runs thorugh .we are 40 minutes form Biarritz airport , one hour form pau airport and 90 minutes form Bordeaux airport  minutes from our base.we can organize pick ups form all of these locations
  •  prevent sunstroke? All children must attend outdoor activities with a hat on, they must always have their water bottle and wear a factor 20 minimum sunscreen.
  • How much English do they learn? 
We provide 15 hours of English language tuition per week. We are a fully qualified and well recognized language school with over 20 years experience .We are ACELS accredited.
  • What is the food like? The food is excellent and very healthy. The school is a prestigious and well regarded with extremely high standards .the centre is used bu international sporting team on a regular basis
  • Who are the supervisors? There is a full list of supervisors on the website. They have been through an extensive interview process. The process is on record should it be required
  • What sort of insurance do we offer? We offer a tailor made insurance policy for your trip. This is available for purchase on receipt of a booking deposit.
  • What happens in case of an injury or illness? There are phones situated around the school with emergency numbers. There is also a first aid room onsite as well as our own first aid staff
 and several local doctors on call. There are a number of Hospitals within easy reach of our location.
  • What accommodation do they have? 
The residential accommodation is to a high standard and has been recently refurbished. Like all of our supervision our residential monitoring meets the highest standards.
  • Are the students allowed off the campus? Yes with our permission and with one of our supervisors being with them.
  • Are there other groups at the centre? 
Yes there are often other French English, Spanish and German groups who use the school. This makes for a cosmopolitan atmosphere
  • Are their washing and laundry facilities? 
Yes. There are washing and drying facilities on site which the students may use.
  • How can we contact the students? By phone or e mail. You will be given these details in their pre camp pack
  • Who looks after the money and passports? 
We strongly advise that the students use the bank facility that will be provided for all items of value including money and passports.
  • What is the weather like?  The summer weather is pleasant with average daily temperatures of 27 degrees in july ,the proximity to the atlantic also ensures there is plenty of rain however even in the summer months
  • What are sports levels like? We cater for all levels. All participants are assessed and given appropriate goals for the course.
  • What are English levels like? We cater for all levels. All participants are assessed and placed in appropriate class.