Knowing how much your home life affects your happiness, we take great care in choosing and monitoring the accommodation we provide. We offer either residential or host family accommodation for our Castleknock campus attendees.


Our monitored residential accommodation is situated on the grounds of Castleknock College and showers and toilets are situated on each floor. Living with young people of all nationalities, discovering different cultures and making friends, our residence accommodation allows you to have a very enriching experience of community and international life. The students are accommodated in bedrooms with up to six beds. On request and depending on availability, our students may be accommodated with a friend. The majority of meals and activities (depending on your programme) will take place within, or in the immediate surroundings of the centre.


Host Family

Being a host family in Ireland is seen as a great opportunity to welcome and help educate students, the Irish are known for offering a warm and friendly family environment. These families are carefully chosen and situated within walking distance or a short bus journey of the centre. Daily practice of the language of the country and the discovery of a new culture are some of the numerous advantages that accommodation with a host family offers. Your stay will be in a double room and whilst sharing the rest of the house as a family member. You have breakfast and the evening meal with the family and lunch in the cafeteria of the centre. On request and depending on availability, our students may be accommodated with a friend. Our welcoming, experienced host families are thoroughly vetted by our accommodation officer. All of our host families conform to MEI and IALC standards, and are chosen for the warmth, care and concern they show our students.